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Gift Card Amazon

Amazon Pay Gift Cards are prepaid gift cards that can be used to make purchases on and the websites of Amazon's retail partners. They are available in three distinct formats, namely physical, electronic gift cards that may be emailed and shared by link, and any time gifts. You can purchase one right now by going to our Gift Card store.

Check balance on Amazon Gift Card

Check the Balance on Your Gift Card Here.

Your Gift Card balance may be viewed in the "Your Account" section of

When you use an Gift Card to an order or add one to Your Account for future purchases, we keep the available balance so that you can check it whenever you want. This functionality is only available for Gift Cards that have been added to Your Account.

To check the balance on your Gift Card, please do the following:

Navigate to the Your Account page.
Choose Gift cards to check the remaining balance on any of your Gift Cards, then select the card you want to check.


There are some physical gift cards sold by that do not come with the monetary value printed on the card itself.

You can check the value by heading to the section labelled "Your Orders" in this instance.

Find the gift card order in Your Orders and check the 16-digit serial number that is included in the order details with the serial number that is printed on the back of the gift card. The gift card order may be found by clicking on the gift card amount.

The transaction area of your Balance Page allows you to review all changes that have been made to your balance, including any order IDs or serial numbers that have been assigned.

The value of your Gift Card does not take into account any promotional certificates that may have been added to your account.

When your balance is not available as a payment method during the checkout process, please make sure that you have reviewed the Gift Card Redemption Conditions to ensure that the item you wish to purchase is acceptable.

Amazon Gift Cards where to buy

You also have the option of shopping in-store for traditional Amazon gift cards if you so desire. The following are some locations that stock Amazon gift cards:

  • 7-Eleven
  • A&A Market
  • AAA Club Alliance
  • Balducci's
  • Best Buy
  • BreadBox
  • Corner Market
  • CVS Pharmacy
  • Dash In
  • Dollar General
  • EZ Mart
  • Fairway Market
  • Family Dollar
  • Food City
  • FoodTown
  • GameStop
  • Hallmark Gold Crown (participating locations)
  • Harmons
  • Hy-Vee
  • JC Penney
  • Kmart
  • Kohl's
  • Kroger
  • LIDL
  • Lowes
  • Martin's
  • Midway Market
  • Next Door Store
  • Office Depot
  • One Stop
  • Pavillons
  • P.C. Richard & Son
  • Publix
  • Quality Market
  • QuickChek
  • RadioShack
  • Rite Aid
  • Royal Farms
  • Safeway
  • Sears
  • Staples
  • Sunoco
  • Todds
  • Thortons
  • Three Forks Market
  • USPS
  • Village Market
  • Walgreens
  • Wawa
  • Wegmans
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Winn Dixie

Free Gift Cards Codes

Through the use of our Amazon free gift cards codes generator, you will able to receive codes for Amazon gift cards at no cost.

You will not be required to do any kind of human verification, download any apk files, or submit your information like you will be required to do on other websites; all you will need to do is complete one straightforward task, and you will be finished.

Every day, we add new Free Amazon Gift Card Codes, so if you don't want to lose out on them, you may join our Telegram channel to get notified as soon as we update an account. If you do so, you won't be able to miss out on any of our updates.

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Amazon deals on gift cards

Looking for a gift for that special someone? Check out Amazon's deals on gift cards! With a variety of options to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect gift for anyone and everyone on your list.

How to get Amazon Money For Free by Orunk

Orunk offers Amazon Gift Cards, which cost money but can be obtained without charge through their website. You can make money on Orunk through the refer and earn and offer wall programmes, and then you may use the money you've made there to buy Amazon gift cards from the shop at no cost.

5 Different Methods That Can Get You a Free Amazon Gift Card Code in 2022

1 Play Games

If you enjoy playing games online, you will enjoy it much more if you do the following: On certain websites, you may play games and earn points, which can then be redeemed for things like PayPal cash or gift cards to online retailers like Amazon.

AppNana, Swagbucks, and App Down are some of the websites that offer this point system to their users. Playing games, completing certain stages, watching films, or temporarily downloading programmes are all that are required of you to earn points. Ensure that you have read the terms and conditions and that you are willing to abide by them. This is the most effective method for getting a free Amazon Gift Card.

2 Take part in polls and surveys.

Try your hand at filling out some surveys instead. There are a great number of websites available, each specialising on a certain field of study. Your participation in the survey will earn you points that may be redeemed for gift cards to Amazon or other stores, or they can be used to pay for items using PayPal.

There are some negative aspects to consider. It takes time to gain points, and the gift cards that are awarded are typically quite small; but, completing surveys is a breeze and only takes a few minutes of your time. This is especially helpful if you are experiencing boredom at home when you are restricted in your movements. You would like to convert some of your spare time into a little bit of extra cash.

3 Obtain some food.

If you would like to get reimbursed for the food that you have purchased. You may use Ibotta to purchase a wide selection of items from your neighbourhood grocery store, then take a picture of your receipt and send it to the app through email. Ibotta gives you the option of receiving your cash back either as an Amazon Gift Card or as a reimbursement via PayPal. These are the most straightforward ways to get a gift card to Amazon without spending any money.

Receipt Hog also functions properly, enabling you to make in-app purchases and then requesting receipts for those transactions after the fact. Using Receipt Hog, you have the opportunity to earn virtual coins, which can then be redeemed for real-world rewards such as cash, Amazon Gift Cards, or even magazine subscriptions.

Although Receipt Hog offers discounts on items other than groceries as well, the fact that groceries are something that must be purchased on a regular basis makes it likely that this will be the quickest way for you to get your money back and a gift card.

4 Recommendation

If you start a blog and sign up for the Amazon Associates programme, you will have a chance to win an Amazon gift card. You can post affiliate links in your material using Amazon Associates, which is available to you. You are eligible to receive a percentage of the sale in the form of either cash or an Amazon Gift Card Code if someone uses your link to make a purchase.

This process requires a great amount of effort on the part of the user. As a consequence of this, gift cards might not actually feel "free," but if you want to blog, you can participate in the programme (or have already done so). If you have a significant number of readers or a work that has gone viral, you have the opportunity to make beneficial improvements. A gift card to Amazon can be obtained in a straightforward manner using this method.

5 Trade

Have you ever heard of the Exchange Program that Amazon offers?
Is it sufficient to merely send in old books and electronics for appraisal, or is there something else required?
After they have been evaluated, your items will be sent to you at no cost, and you will receive an Amazon Gift Card in the amount that is equivalent to their current value.

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