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Spotify is a Swedish music streaming and media services provider created by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon on April 23, 2006. As of December 2021, it is one of the major music streaming service providers, with over 406 million monthly active users and 180 million paying members.

The Premium tier of Spotify provides you access to everything but does not force advertisements, regardless of whether you’re listening on a desktop, mobile device, or tablet. Premium users can play any song (on demand), discover new music, create and edit playlists, and share both music and playlists.

Using the Spotify Premium BIN provided below, you will gain access to a free collection of premium music and streaming content.

Spotify Premium Bin

  • Bin: 46469132008
  • Bin: 464691320081
  • IP:Canada 🇨🇦
  • Postal Code:A1A1A1

Note: Need CCN

What is a BIN?

The initial sequence of four to six digits that are printed on the front of a payment card is referred to as the bank identification number (BIN). This group of numbers is used to determine the organisation that is responsible for issuing the card. These numbers are essential for the process of matching transactions to the charge card issuer.

In a nutshell, we possess the representation;

Bank Identification Number, or BIN for short.

CC stands for “credit card.”

CCN stands for “Credit Card Number.”

Requirements for BIN:

  • A powerful VPN Like (Ipvanish OR Nord VPN)
  • Newest Version of an Internet Browser
  • Connection to the internet that is reliable and consistent
  • Have the patience to try once more.\

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For an unlimited number of free trial accounts on a particular website, BINs are used. BIN usage is prohibited, and AiM BINs disclaims all liability for any misuse of our contents. We’re just here to share BINs and usage techniques.

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